Our Story

Our Story

Lafin Packaging is made up of 3 talented people Jodey, Marsh and Erin. We are a family of creatives in different fields. Marsh, the industrial designer and Erin, our illustrator are brother and sister and grew up together in Northern NSW. Jodey, graphic design and marketing, met Marsh in High school, 15 years later you can well and truly say Erin, Marsh and Jodey are family.

The past 10 years has seen us all gain experience in varied fields across the design and product development arena. In 2017 after Jodey and Marsh had their second child and Erin had her first little one we all decided that we needed to combine our talents and build something special for our kids. We quit our jobs in the distribution and manufacturing companies that we had been working for and created LaFin. LaFin is a design studio that does many things, but our specialty is product packaging.

Our experience is working with companies who are in various stages of bringing their products to market, from market research, product design, and branding. All the way through packaging, distribution and marketing. We draw on all this knowledge to create packaging that will sell your product.

Jodey Cornwall


Packaging Designer & Team Leader

When contacting Lafin Packaging you are more than likely going to get Jodey. She is the creative director in the team and everything runs through her.

Jodey has worked with many brands over her career, from local government to the beauty industry, and so much in between. She brings to the table years of dealing with factories and delivering stunning packaging for many products across the Australian market.

With this experience, a degree in design, and another in business marketing you can bet she knows what she’s doing.

Marsh Duffield


Structural Packaging Development


Marsh is who will be making sure your packaging does what it needs to do. With 15 years designing everything from consumer electronics to luxury yachts


Erin Duffield

Graphic Design & Illustration


Erin is the big sister, and our in-house artist. She has forever had a gift with the arts, and eventually this took her to attain an honours degree in visual art. Since then she has headed down the graphic design path with experience and qualifications to show.

Erin’s’ true talents though, is illustration! It’s hard to describe the look on her face when she puts pencil to paper (stylus to Wacom..) and starts creating for Lafin. She has determination and total focus, and our customers are never dissatisfied.

Let's make it happen.

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