meet the team

La Fin Design’s core team consists of five members, Jodey, Marsh, Erin, Liam and Sid.

Erin and Marsh are siblings and grew up in Northern NSW and Jodey met Marsh during their high school years; 15 years later, this family of creatives make up one of Australia’s leading boutique design companies. Here’s how it all happened…

Over the past 10 years, each member of La Fin has gained huge amounts of experience in different areas of the design and product development industry, with Jodey working in graphic design and marketing, Marsh as an industrial designer and Erin as an illustrator. In 2017, Erin gave birth to her first child and Jodey and Marsh brought their second child into the world; they decided that now was the right time to combine their talents and build something really special. This led to the creation of La Fin, a Brisbane-based design studio that develops quality Australian brands.

Each member can draw on a wealth of experience in working with a variety of companies at different stages of the production process, including market research, product design and branding through to packaging, distribution and marketing.

This combination of this knowledge, experience, talent and passion is what creates the solutions that will not only place your product in front of the right audience but galvanise them to make the purchase.

Jodey Cornwall


Graphic Designer & Team Leader

Jodey has worked with a wide variety of brands throughout her career, from local government to the beauty industry – and everything else in between. 

With two degrees under belt (Design and Business Marketing), she’s honed her management skills when dealing with factories with production lines and has delivered a plethora of stunning product designs all the way across the Australian market.

She manages every account, so she’ll be your first point contact when you get in touch with La Fin – you won’t find a safer pair of hands for your product.

Marsh Duffield


Product Designer & Business Manager

Marsh has spent the last 15 years designing everything from consumer electronics and their packaging to luxury yachts, bringing products to market as well as developing existing lines of product.

Whenever La Fin welcomes a new client onboard, Marsh is there to answer all of the technical questions and ensure that you feel just as confident in our services as we are.

We live in a 3D world, and Marsh understands that a brand never exists solely in a 2D space. He signs off on everything that leaves the La Fin office, from signage and packaging to store fit-outs and event space preparation – all the way through to the finished product.

Erin Duffield


Erin’s passion for illustration and gift for art coupled with her dual degrees in Visual Art and Graphic Design make her the perfect in-house artist for La Fin.

Her determination to create nothing but the best for every single client shines through in each brief and this can be seen in everything from the look on her face when she puts pen to paper (or stylus to Wacom?!) to when she’s applying the finishing touches on the final product.

Erin’s versatility in illustration means that she can turn her hand to any style, while her experience in sculpture allows her to capture what’s in our imagination and bring it to life in the real world.

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