The Process

As a design studio in Brisbane, we work with a wide variety of businesses, all of whom are at different stages of their journey and can require wildly different design processes; however, we have refined a method that we apply to each client to ensure that they have the most efficient, frictionless onboarding experience possible.


Booking & First Meeting

First of all, we’ll take the time to get to know you during an initial meeting. Whether it’s in our office or yours, we’ll chat openly with you about your preferences, goals and aspirations for your business. The key question here is usually who you want to market to, but don’t worry if you don’t know it all offhand – these informal meetings are the ideal place to talk things through and generate ideas. In some cases, we might even be able to give you the perfect answer right then and there! We’re interested in how far you’ve brought your business, the challenges you’ve overcome and all the hard work you’ve already put in. 


Reflect on Meeting

Next, we let the discussion simmer a little in our collective heads. We aim to emerge from the initial meeting with the outline of a bigger story that we must piece together in detail. We always have two people present at the meeting so that we don’t miss anything vital. After some in-depth discussion about the ideas presented, we set to work creating that story. 


Creative Direction

We’ll create a moodboard and a proposal in order to inject some structure and colour into the initial abstract idea. These help us outline the work that we think is required to take your brand to the next level. The moodboard is a completely bespoke document created just for you, representing the first step of your brand’s potential development. It’s the perfect way to communicate the emotion behind the idea.

Then it’s up to you – we either receive the go-ahead or we don’t.



Once we get the green light, our first step is research. We work through our initial thoughts for the solutions required and translate them into visual form. At this stage, we’re considering many different areas but our consistent goal is to deliver a concept with depth and meaning. At the end of the research period, we’ll produce a document crammed to the brim with potential ideas. This could constitute anything from a mock-up of a potential website to a 3D rendered image of how a product might look on the shelf complete with branding and packaging design. It could be a design of a secondary element on a vehicle wrap, or maybe it’s even the product itself, giving you a feel about how it sits with other offerings in the brand’s lineup. Fundamentally, whatever we come up with at this stage, the goal is to generate talking points.


Polish & Refine

Then, whether it’s face-to-face or over Skype or phone, we’ll talk through these in-depth ideas with you to gauge where we’re at. From this, we gain an understanding of where we need to go next. Generally, we’re not that far off; sometimes we even hit the mark on the first try! If not, we’ll continue to chat back and forth, refining the design as we go, or even completely rethinking it in some cases. 

At this stage, every project varies significantly. Despite this, many businesses tell us, ‘we consider you a part of our brand now’. We love to hear that, as it means we’ve developed enough trust to complete the project to the highest standards. We carry it over the line by finalising designs, organising manufacturing and detailing distribution. We work on each project as though we have a personal stake in the business. In a way, it’s true. We’re passionate about making our brands flourish, and why wouldn’t we be? If you succeed, so do we.



Every project delivery is completely different depending on whether its branding, website, packaging or product design. Below are some case studies which show in more detail specific completed projects and what the clients receives. 


Brand Strategy

Brand Identity

Website Design

Packaging Design

Photography and Video

Product Design

Exhibition Stall / Pop up Store design

Point of Sale