Brand Refresh

Camilla French


Branding refresh for the amazingly talented family and elopement photographer Camilla French

When designing a personal brand for someone you really need to spend the time to get to know one another. You can see through the photos that Camilla’s passion lies with the real, raw, and natural moments instead of creating highly staged fake environments for photographs. She highlights people’s real-life connection with loved ones, the special moments through pregnancy, and the fleeting moments of a newborn. ⁠

We designed her branding around why she became a photographer. Growing up in rural QLD on a cattle station near Townsville. Camilla had a unique upbringing totally connected to nature. We drew inspiration from her experience as a child raising a wedge tail eagle. Not a usual pet for people however she found it and it sadly couldn’t fly so she decided to keep it and raise it as her pet. Camilla since then has a strong connection to wedged tail eagles.⁠

Camilla explains the wedged-tailed eagle as a symbol for her: “It teaches us to have pride in our lives, to be bold and own all that we do and all that we are. It shows us that we can soar over obstacles that may come. Finally, he is the Sun King, reminding us to feel the warmth of the sun and enjoy the life that it gives us.”⁠

We also found the paper daisy as a powerful element to connect with photographs and the timelessness of them. Capturing a fleeting moment in time. The paper daisies dried out last for ages! Her grandad used to love them and give them to her Mum, she still has the last one he ever gave her and he passed in 1996! ⁠

SCOPE: Branding | Packaging

“Daisies symbolise motherhood and new beginnings they are also a composite flower (two flowers in one, the middle section and outer) they blend seamlessly together to symbolise true love. The everlasting part of this Australian native adds the meaning of forever to the above. New beginnings, true love, and motherhood forever, sound pretty good to me.⁠”

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