Enki Apothecary

Enki Organics’ brand values absolutely align with our own and we’re thrilled to have been an integral part of their journey so far.

Jesse Leith and his team produce all natural health products, distilled at his apothecary in Wilsons Creek. We love that Enki’s production echoes a time before heavy processing of ingredients and places a heavy emphasis on vegan, organic and sustainable principles. This is a concept that we channelled when creating our unique product packaging




Enki Apothecary

Visual Identity

Enki deserves a premium position in the luxury skincare field. Its branding and packaging need to convey both the products’ quality and the time/cost-intensiveness of the manufacturing, allowing the brand to justify its higher price point.

By ensuring that the botanist sketch is anatomically correct, we elevate the imagery from beautiful artwork to a genuine biological representation of the products’ ingredients. Combined with 19th century typefaces and natural paper, this lends a strong sense of authenticity and authority to the ‘apothecary-style’ of the packaging.

The structural design of the box and additional label at its base means that products can also be displayed horizontally, à la a set of old pianola rolls; this complements the antique aesthetic and enhances Jesse’s vision of a modern apothecary. We created custom inserts to fit Enki’s entire range so that the box can house every one of its products.

It’s been a genuine pleasure to work with a brand that so perfectly compliments La Fin’s own ethos and dedication to quality.

From ordinary to extraordinary.

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