Floc Studio

FLOC is a coastal design studio that offers the best quality function brands from across the globe. Taking its cues from rugged coastal architecture and the beauty of the natural elements, this brand is a home for adventurers. FLOC Studio imports quality brands while maintaining a laidback beachside philosophy; live simple and live well. Take a peek inside our FLOC Studio Pop-Up Stall, where we recreated the weathered charm of a beach shack complete with mountain lodge aromas, cool design materials and a warm, glowing fireplace.

There are a number of challenges with any trade show set-up. Some of the bigger ones include storing a pre-built stand, shipping it complete and intact and then installing it in a limited space of time. Good design, meticulous planning and precise construction are our keys to pop-up stand success.


Denfair Pop Up Stall

Floc Studio

Inspired by modern
coastal living

Instruction Manual

As part of the structural design, we created a user-friendly instruction manual so that FLOC Studio could use any contract builder they liked in order to construct and deconstruct the stall.

Brands we work with