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We had the pleasure of working with Amanda and Aaron from ‘Aaron Wailes Building Design’ to rebrand as GreenCoast Building Design. ⁠GreenCoast Building Design creates homes that people live in, love and enjoy. Homes that embody the lifestyle that we enjoy on the Green Coast of Australia. ⁠

Aaron takes time to get to know his customers. He creates; practical, but innovative, sensitive, but visionary, modern designed homes that are always attuned to space, to function and to the future lives of the people that live there. ⁠

In Aarons own words… “Wrapping a building around your lifestyle”⁠
Aaron and Amanda wanted to transition to something more reflective of their location and to the clients seeking a balance between sophistication and personal. The outcome resulted in an entire rebrand, website development and client user experience.⁠

The website easily showcases past client projects, outlines their experience and credentials, encourages client contact and generates an easy onboarding experience. The result is a coastal, relaxing website that features a brand of sandy colours and green flora. ⁠

SCOPE: Branding | Website Design | Photography

Brand identity extends to more than a logo and brand guidelines. We work closely with clients to bring the whole package together.⁠

In this case La Fin Design drove the creative direction for the Green Coast Building Design photoshoot. Assisting on creative briefs for the photographer, enabling the best, on brand photography showcasing GreenCoast in a consistent and creative way. ⁠

“GreenCoast Building Design is a residential design practice focused on delivering form, function, personality and lifestyle to residential housing. As a design practice we have a strong connection and commitment to our coastal lifestyle, the built form of our design and planning along with the sustainability of our environment.”⁠

We worked with GreenCoast to translate this brand statement through crisp imagery, soft lighting, and a demonstration of intentional design – along with showcasing their beautiful homes of course!⁠

They sought an easier onboarding experience for their clients – they needed a way to gain an outline of the clients needs, budget and contact details in an efficient way. We got straight to developing and improving their design brief that is used as a lead generator on their website. The design brief is a 21-page digital pdf that gives the potential client an insight into their business. It also gives their customer all the knowledge they need to start the process of designing a new home.⁠

Aaron and Amanda

GreenCoast Building Design

We loved that you challenged our ideas while respecting us and the business we have built. We absolutely love the new fresh look and feel of our brand.