Afternoons with Albert

Afternoons with Albert had already been through a rigorous process to achieve a point of sale display for their cord roll product that perfectly aligned with their brand. But although it looked great (and cost a lot of money), it was neither functional nor cost-effective to make and deliver to stores.

When we came onboard, our process was twofold. Firstly, we took our time to really understand their brand and what message they wanted to get across. Then we had to retain the good stuff from the original concept while jettisoning the areas that weren’t up to scratch or didn’t meet the brief. We created a design that held on to all the positives from the first attempt and solved all the inherent issues. Our point of sale display aligned with their brand image while remaining cheap and easy to deliver to wholesalers.

SCOPE: Counter display unit POINT OF SALE

Point of Sale

Afternoons with Albert

A simple way to keep charging cables, USBs & all of life’s necessities organised and in one spot.

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