Carys Martin Ceramics

We began with one of her signature products, which also happens to be one which really aligns with our own values: the travel cup. To curb the excessive waste created by our modern coffee culture, many people are opting for a reusable cup. These cups not only help the environment, they present an opportunity to display some individuality.

Carys Martin travel cups are all handmade, unique pieces of art in their own right. The main wholesale buyers are generally coffee outlets, whose customers want to pop in and out with minimum fuss. They’re not looking for a shopping experience, so the presence of this product on the shelf has to be immediate and impactful. This could even mean catching the right person’s eye in the physical store, leading to an online purchase when they get back home.

We then rolled up our sleeves and packaged a number of other products for Carys. Given that all her pieces are handmade and unique, there were challenges to overcome in producing packaging that fit the various-sized products, but also kept them all safe and secure during transit.

Since the introduction of her professional packaging, Carys’ business has grown exponentially. She sold out of her initial order in a matter of months, with plans already in the making for a second wave of orders.

SCOPE: Packaging range Ceramics

We believe that the things you surround yourself with should bring you joy and have worth. They should have meaning and soul, and a story to tell.


– Carys Martin

Words from Carys Martin

Oh my goodness! Frist response was to burst into tears. Happy ones! That’s a good gut reaction. Took my breathe away. Far out it looks so good!. YES I am loving it so far.

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