KOKOPOD Chocolate

KOKOPOD is an Australian boutique manufacturer of high-quality handcrafted chocolate products who want to raise the benchmark for ‘quality’ across the entire world. We love this concept and were ready to accept the challenge to create a peerless chocolate packaging design!

They blend art, science and the best Australian produce to create multi-award-winning chocolate, with ranges sold across the country and supplied to some international locations.




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Structural Packaging

We needed to make this high-end product stand out amongst its cheaper, more low-end peers, so we decided to showcase the actual product rather than hiding it away in a box or a bag. The food packaging design started as a jar that displayed the product from all angles with back-lighting that enhanced the detail. 

However, the relatively small height of the jar became a challenge as we wanted to put the focus on a small amount of quality treats rather than a squat, jam-packed jar of inferior chocolates.

By adding a triangular box, we could position the jar as if it was ‘exploding’ out of the sides, placing the product higher to allow more space for branding while still allowing ambient light to illuminate the chocolates from all angles. This aligned with the ‘angular’ brand image and ensured that there was as much light shone on the product as possible.

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